Industrial automation

At Sualver, we integrate customer processes, automatic productive control improvements and production data management:


We develop the complete application you need in your factory with industrial robots (anthropomorphs, deltas, Cartesians, cobots and scaras).

If you want to see what we are capable of in robotics you can visit our showroom where we have robots for demonstrations in Alicante.



We offer technical advisory services for the factory implementation of mechatronic and robotic solutions.

Risk assessment on machines and CE certificates.

Solutions for machinery manufacturers

We collaborate with manufacturers of machinery making global projects, from the manufacture and programming of the electrical panel, to the sale of the mechanical drive, integral, programmed projects, and with the possibility of starting up anywhere in the world. We program any brand, and communicate with any automaton. We understand the processes and then we develop them.

SCADAS and computing systems

We do plant data centralization projects, between any PLC installed to a central computer that collects the data and can view and control the entire factory. We manage communications and transfer production data to data tables for subsequent communication to an ERP.

Programmed electrical panels

We assemble and program electrical control panels. Working in different sectors allows us to integrate solutions for any industry by applying knowledge and experience of many different applications.

SAT, maintenance and issues

We specialize in optical selection machines, serving Spain and Portugal, we offer electrical and electronic maintenance to customers within a radius that allows us to be competitive and we deal with electronic failures of any PLC, servomotor or frequency inverter. We have enough stock to deal with most breakdowns in 24 hours.


We carry out comprehensive improvement projects or introduction of new industrial processes, from the design, plans, manufacture and installation of the complete solution.

Professionalism and Excellence

Sualver is above all things, a young, trained and experienced human group, with common interests and concerns.

We are passionate about the automation of industrial processes, and the development of productive improvement solutions.

We love to learn and we do not anchor ourselves to a single sector, which is what distinguishes us and helps us to develop projects using what has been learned in different applications.

Planning, quality, productivity and teamwork makes us the solution to your needs.


4.0 Industry

Industry 4.0 offers the ability to interconnect all its elements, materials and humans, through the use of IoT and its standards. Objects connected in smart factories have autonomous decision-making capabilities and they may notify themselves of the maintenance they require.

We work with and for leading brands

+ Projects done

Years in the market

Problems without solution for us


Sualver aims to meet all automation, robotics and machinery needs that require customized solutions for each client. We will be a key partner in the growth of the industry and the enrichment of applications by applying a know-how with more than 15 years of experience and more than 500 different projects successfully completed.


Sualver projects into the future, integrating robotics, axis control with motion controller, data management for industry 4.0 and custom machinery (including retrofitting of older machinery) into its solutions. Manufacturing tends to be robotic and automated to enhance added value and our vision is to be part of the transformation of the industry in our environment.


People, processes, products, customers. Any sualver performance takes that chain into account as a virtuous and unbreakable circle. There is no secret, we make our client’s problem our own, we draw up a solution together and we start the project until the client is completely satisfied. No one is essential in Sualver except its customers, and with that clear orientation we work.

Distribution and Integration

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Experience in innovation is a value, in industrial environments it is almost the only value. The importance of a production stop, a miscalculation, a bad start-up translates into Euros / minute of losses.

At Sualver we have excellence as a maximum and we understand that a satisfied customer is a repetitive customer and an inseparable collaborator.

Mechanics and Electronics together in a supplier that will provide solutions to your needs.

+34 965 853 128

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